Friday, 14 September 2018

Is DeskBell Chain in the category of 'cryptoquest? ' It is hard to tell, but there’s no reason to deny.

All people love to play — it is a fact you cannot deny. A play is the easiest and the most interesting way to learn about something; there you can demonstrate your leadership skills and earn rewards. No wonder that lately, quests became so popular. Moreover, with the growth of cryptocurrency industry appeared cryptoquests, which we will discuss below.

As we know, quest is an interactive game with a plot, where you need to solve different brain-twisters and logical problems. And if previously, virtual quests were more popular, now many quests are in real life. Is there something new cryptoquests can bring in? 

A good example will be DeskBell Chain, which can be one of them.

DeskBell Chain project based on a blockchain technology and DeskBell app. Their target audience are tourists, hotels and business representatives according to the location of the hotel. They register in the system and become participants of the quest. For example: a business near the hotel creates a task and posts an ad about it in the DeskBell Chain system. 

A restaurant may offer to try a meal and rate it; a theater — to attend a play; a museum — to attend an exhibition and take a picture of it. Or, there can be more complex, multi-step tasks. Once a user hears about it, he or she does the task and gets a predetermined reward. In this case, the reward is measured in tokens (DeskBell Token), which can be exchanged inside the DeskBell Chain system or used as a paying method.

As you can see, a final goal for all the participants is different: hotels and businesses are trying to attract new clients and become more popular; guests, whether it is a family or a single person on a business trip, want to make their trip more memorable, exiting and efficient. Step by step, going from one task to the next, they will get all of the benefits mentioned above.

There aren’t many cryptoquests now, this field is still being exploited. The said DeskBell Chain is a unique one. It integrates geolocation mechanisms, token exchange, smartphone advantages and the real world, where the tourist will take action. Will these quests become popular? It is hard to tell, but there’s no reason to deny.

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